Charlie Adley

It’s time to enjoy another organic Galway ramble!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley As I head into the city, I wonder if tonight’s the right night for my Organic Galway Ramble No. 3,256. I call them Organic not because my nights out are...
Charlie Adley

I’m more Grandpa Simpson than finger on the pulse!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley As I grow older, my finger drifts further and further from the cultural pulse. As a teenager in London, I needed to know what was hot and happening, and thanks...
Charlie Adley

A smile on your voice boosts your chances!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley I’m pumped up with goodness and positive energy and yes, now is the time to make those phone calls. You know the ones. They start with recorded messages before you...
Charlie Adley

Hang onto your quirks – now more than ever!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Soon after I first dated the Snapper, I was cringing in my car as she carefully, systematically and very crinkly-crunkly-noisily folded up her empty crisp packet, tucking in the final...
Charlie Adley

Feels good to be back writing unleashed!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley By god it feels good to be working on something. Not just anything but something that requires creativity; something that I can describe as ‘my work.’ Nothing gives a writer...
Charlie Adley

Thanks for 25 years – but why ‘this colyoom’?

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Holy macaroni! Am I hallucinating? Did my housemates slip a tab of acid into my tea? No, they wouldn’t do that. Well they might, but not on the first day...


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