Charlie Adley

Galway’s far from perfect – but I love it!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley A few weeks ago I was sitting on the loo, perusing The Guardian newspaper’s G2 section. For years I’ve been amused by its Pass Notes column: a daily dialogue which...
Charlie Adley

Tranquillise me – eir are on their way!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Ever since we moved into this house five years ago I’ve been waiting for today to come, yet now that it’s here I’m tense as hell - and that’s after...
Charlie Adley

I have no desire to relive my youth – I’m happy being older!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Woke up this mornin’ ’N I was fifty seven. Said I woke up this mooor-orrr-nin’ ’N I was fifty seven. Not sent to hell yet… Not made it to heaven… I got those what does my...
Charlie Adley

How can you feel ashamed about giving to charity?

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Sitting outside a pub, watching Galway City walk by, happy as a scribbler in a daze when: “Mind if I join you?”       “No, not at all.” “I know you to see...
Charlie Adley

There’s so much more to football than the game!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Well I usually read your colyoom, ‘cept not when you write about football.” It’s never a mystery to me why people hate football a complete turn-off, but each time I...
Charlie Adley

If you’re feeling confused, read despots for dummies!

We all might be dead by the time you read this.  “Aha!” you say, “You’re wrong there, because if I’m dead I can’t be reading anything at all!” That just shows you’re confused. Anything is...


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