To win just once: Galway players and supporters share the joy of winning an All-Ireland final after 29-years a-waiting. PHOTO: JOE O'SHAUGHNESSY.

Facing into the West without those bleak September blues

Country Living with Francis Farragher IF you’re a Galway GAA supporter or indeed a Mayo Gaelic football fan, returns to the West, have often been lonesome affairs during the month of September. At that time...
The way we were: Emotionally charged scenes for the return of Liam McCarthy, as Joe Connolly is mobbed by fans at the homecoming banquet for the Galway hurlers on the Monday night of September 8, 1980, at the Sacre Coeur Hotel, Salthill. Photo: Joe O'Shaughnessy.

A clash of deadlines and emotion at the final frontier

Country Living with Francis Farragher It does seem only like yesterday, but 37 summers have now passed since Galway’s breakthrough hurling success of 1980, a final victory against Limerick, that bridged a 57-year gap since...
Hoping for a drier harvest.

Hoping for drier and calmer times as the harvest looms

A two-week break down on the farm and in the heathery hollows of the bog has officially brought the curtain down on the summer season for me with the Galway Races by now nearly...
Studying the form: Two 'steady' punters take it all in. A lovely shot from the Galway Races back in the 1980s. PHOTO: JOE O'SHAUGHNESSY.

A week when sensible souls lose their marbles and lucre

Country Living with Francis Farragher It’s been going on for the past 148 years at Ballybrit – since August 17, 1869 – and while horses are sent out to run and jump, the Galway Races...
The lure is still the same . . . The late Seán Purcell leads Galway in the parade before their 1959 All-Ireland final encounter with Kerry in front of a packed Croke Park. (Photo from Galway GAA website. 1956 Photographs courtesy Sean Keeley).

Mecca beckons for pilgrims whose dreams never die

Country Living with Francis Farragher At this stage, it’s seems more like a kind of pilgrimage . . . another trip along the road and this time to the county of William Butler Yeats and...

Trying to avoid the world of sweaty gyms and hard jogs

Country Living with Francis Farragher It’s quite amazing how an occasional bit of back trouble can focus the mind and make you appreciate greatly how it feels when all the simple and normal and physical...


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