Still torn between Patrick’s faith and bawdy bashes of the Celts

Country Living with Francis Farragher I seem to be hit with some quare afflictions when it comes to drink. Most of the time, it seems to be a longing to get my hands on the...

Trying to avoid the world of sweaty gyms and hard jogs

Country Living with Francis Farragher It’s quite amazing how an occasional bit of back trouble can focus the mind and make you appreciate greatly how it feels when all the simple and normal and physical...
Missing keys can turn up anywhere!

A course of action to avoid going ‘seafóid’

Country Living with Francis Farragher Just as I made another forlorn attempt last week to locate a set of keys, that, for all the world, seemed to have disappeared into thin air, I glanced at...
Boats bumping about in the water at the Claddagh, Galway, with the Long Walk in the background during Ophelia's tenure in the West on Monday last. PHOTO: HANY MARZOUK.

The strange allurement of great weather events

Country Living with Francis Farragher There was an erudite solicitor, called Jim Hession who, back in my Tuam Herald days that I used give an odd lift to back from Headford Court (with an odd...
The Temple of Heaven, Beijing: Surely one of the most beautiful buildings on the planet.

Three Irish gems never to be taken for granted

Country Living with Francis Farragher April, is probably the ideal month to visit the Chinese capital of Beijing. At that time, the often extreme sub-continental climate of the region is at its most benign –...
The D-Day Allied Forces landing in Normandy on Tuesday, June 6, 1944, were delayed on the strength of an accurate UK Met Office forecast of inclement conditions for the previous day.

From winning wars to false hopes of barbecue summers

Country Living with Francis Farragher For those of us who take more than a passing interest in all-things weather, and that probably encompasses 95% of the Irish population, one of the ultra-reliable reference points has...


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