Rural Affairs should move into the west

Junior Minister Seán Kyne
Junior Minister Seán Kyne

The new Department of Rural Affairs – of which Galway Minister Sean Kyne is attached – should be located in the West of Ireland as it would be totally appropriate when it comes to job creation.

And, according to Roscommon-Galway TD Mick Fitzmaurice – who suggested a Galway location – it would also accommodate staff based in the Department who wish to reside in the West of Ireland.

Michael Ring will be the new senior Minister for Rural Affairs with Sean Kyne as Junior Minister – and Deputy Fitzmaurice believes that makes a move to the west all the more logical.

“I welcome the fact that a new Department of Rural Affairs is to be established and that Michael Ring has been appointed the Minister and I would support the call that has been made to locate the Department in the West of Ireland for a number of reasons,” he said.

“As a West of Ireland man himself and someone who has a good grasp of rural affairs and problems, Minister Michael Ring should have no objection to this proposal. It would not only make sense but it would be a big boost to whatever area was chosen in terms of employment.

“Any staff such as principal officers who would object to a move to the country could be accommodated in other departments and I am sure there would be plenty of people willing to live and work in the West in the new Department.

“Much work needs to be done and many very important issues need to be tackled and it would make perfect sense if this new department was located in the heart of rural Ireland.

“I understand that there are suitable parcels of land available including in the North Galway and Ballinasloe areas among other locations. I will be interested to hear what the response of the Minister is to this proposal,” he said.