Roadworks have created ‘racetrack’ say road safety group

A motorist clocked doing 88kph along Lough Atalia Road

The contractors involved in lowering the road at Lough Atalia Bridge have issued a warning to motorists – slow down!

In a statement, Tobin Consulting Engineers reminded drivers aloong the route that the temporary Lough Atalia Road-Fairgreen Road-College Road one-way system is still a 50 kph zone.

They issued the reminder in response to a warning from Cosáin that the Lough Atalia Road/College Road Traffic Management Plan, intended to ease congestion while works are taking place under the railway bridge, has created ideal conditions for speeding

The pedestrian road safety campaigners said that the traffic management plan has had the unintentional effect of creating a “racetrack” for some motorists.

Spot checks of speed around lunchtime on Friday, May 1, when traffic was light, found some motorists travelling at speeds of 70-80 km/h.

A spokesperson for Cosain said that speeding was much more noticeable on Lough Atalia Road than on College Road. One motorist was observed driving at 88 km/h in the right-hand lane on Lough Atalia Road at 2.10pm.

According to Cosáin, the problem has arisen because two-lane one-way street systems enable faster traffic flow, and when there are no restrictions such as traffic congestion, traffic calming measures, fixed speed cameras or visible enforcement, some motorists feel free to drive at speeds well in excess of the 50 km/h limit.

“Speeds of over 65 km/h appear to be commonplace at certain times, despite the urban residential nature of the locality and a significant number of pedestrians and cyclists, as well as motorists entering and exiting driveways,” the spokesperson said.

“During the brief period of observation on Friday afternoon, a woman pushing a pram and with another child on foot could be seen crossing Lough Atalia Road just after 2pm.

“Around the same time an elderly woman had to run to cross the road because of the traffic speed, and as she did so a car was observed travelling at 74 km/h towards her in the right-hand lane.

“Galway City Council asked people to use alternative means of travel instead of driving while the bridge works are under way. Unfortunately, their Traffic Management Plan does not make cycling and walking easier, while it seems to be possible to drive at high speed without any restriction.”

Tobin Consulting Engineers said yesterday: “Lough Atalia Road, Fairgreen Road, College Road one-way system is still a 50 kph zone.”