Proposal for 80 new homes in Oranmore

An artist's impression of one of the new homes proposed for Oranmore.

Plans for the development of almost 80 new homes on a site in Oranmore, have been submitted to Galway County Council.

Ardstone Homes, part of the Dublin-based investment fund Ardstone Capital, has sought permission to develop the properties on an eleven-acre site off the Old Dublin Road at Frenchfort.

The site – around 140 metres west of the village and comprising fields – will be accessed from a new priority junction on the R338.

The plans include 50 three-bed and 18 four-bed houses as well as eight two-bed apartments, along with 158 parking spaces and shared communal and private open space.

The developer plans to transfer the block of eight apartment to the County Council to meet social housing requirements.

“The proposed development will assist Galway County Council in meeting its commitment to provide for residential development and for associated support development, which will ensure the protection of existing residential amenity and will contribute to sustainable residential neighbourhoods.

“The proposed scheme achieves a good mix and quality development that reinforces the existing urban form, makes effective use of premium, centrally located land and contributes to a sense of place by strengthening the existing street patter along the R338 and creating new streets within the development.

“The proposed scheme includes two central areas of public open space designed to incorporate both formal and informal play areas and a community gathering point.

“Pedestrian and cyclist connections are also incorporated into the design, providing an accessible street network for disabled users, walkers and cyclists.

“In lieu of providing a childcare facility (which the developers argue is not needed in the area), the applicants propose to provide landscaping works in the northern portion of the site, including a ‘Trim Trail’ and outdoor exercise equipment to promote physical activity and wellbeing,” the application reads.

A decision on the plans is expected from the Council in mid October.