Posters appear along N59 highlighting poor condition of road

Galway Bay fm newsroom – A series of signs highlighting the poor condition of the N59 have appeared along the route.
Mottos featured on the signs affixed to power and lighting poles include ‘N59 wrecked from years of neglect’, ‘N59 An Bothár Bocht’ and ‘N59 notoriously neglected’.
Another sign compares Padraig Pearse’s arrival in Connemara by train in 1903 with the stopping of work on the N59 in 2016 due to EU regulations.
The latest development comes as a contractor is due to be appointed to carry out long awaited resurfacing works on the road through Connemara.
Campaigners are unhappy with the temporary overlay work and say they will continue to fight for the full upgrade of the road.