Pioneering programmes can assist Galway companies to improve skill base

Finbarr Sheehy.
Finbarr Sheehy.

Galway has a significant cluster of medical device companies now employing in the region of 8,000 people locally, according to new market research released this week.

The work – carried out by Innopharma Education – also confirmed that new MedTech start-ups also benefit from the cluster where the workforce and their level of experience and skillset are highly regarded.

Innopharma Education has been developing programmes in Dublin for the pharmaceutical, food technology and medical devices industries since 2010 – and is now delivering its course programme for the autumn.

“The continued growth of the Galway MedTech Cluster depends on the continuous development of a skilled labour pool,” said Programme Director Finbarr Sheehy.

“According to our research the availability of appropriately skilled graduates is currently the most significant driver required to sustain competitive advantage and 76% of our respondents stated there is a shortage of appropriately skilled graduates available to meet their recruitment and business growth needs.

“Over 66% also stated that their minimum academic qualification requirement for new hires is a Level 8 Bachelor’s or Level 9 Master’s degree,” he added.

With extensive input and participation from the MedTech sector this programme is designed for those involved in manufacturing, compliance, business improvement, quality assurance, validation, data analytics, and engineering.

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