Over 500 submissions on Galway Bay energy test site

Over 500 individuals and organisations have made submissions on the planned extension of the Galway Bay Marine Energy Test Site.
The consultation period came to an end in recent days – and the Department says 514 submissions have been received.
The deadline was extended in July following considerable local representations – the third such extension granted since the publication of plans to upgrade the site on the north side of Galway Bay, one mile east of Spiddal.
The Marine Institute in Oranmore is seeking a 35 year lease under the 1933 Foreshore Act to further develop the renewable energy test site, which was established in 2006.
Local residents argue that not enough information has been made available on the development and have raised concerns over the lack of consultation with affected stakeholders.
Questions have also been raised over the potential impact of the proposed expansion on marine life, the livelihood of in-shore fishermen and on leisure activities.
In a statement, the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government says the submission are currently being acknowledged, and will then be forwarded to the Marine Institute in Oranmore.
The Marine Institute will then provide responses to the submissions received.