OPW to hear recommendations for city and county flood works

Galway Bay fm newsroom – A series of recommendations for flood relief works across Galway will be submitted to the OPW shortly.
It’s part of the national CFRAM project, which aims to provide flood mitigation measures across Ireland.
The matter has been discussed at County Council level, where concerns were raised about the cost-benefit requirements for flood works.
The local authority is to make its submission under the CFRAM national flood mitigation programme.
The council is hoping to secure measures including Voluntary Home Relocation, Flood Forecasting and Individual Property Protection.
One of the specific recommendations which will be made to the Office of Public Works for Galway is a flood warning system for Gort and the surrounding area.
Flood defences for Roundstone and Clifden will also be requested.
At County Council level, concerns have been raised about the cost-benefit requirements for flood works.
Loughrea area councillor Joe Byrne says the cost-benefit requirements should be reviewed to allow for more effective flood mitigation.