WATCH: N59 near Clifden set to remain closed following landslide

The mud-covered N59

The N59 near Clifden is set to remain closed until next week as crews work to clear thousands of tonnes of landslide material on the road.
The first landslide happened at around 7.30 last evening in the townland of Lettershea, around 5 miles east of Clifden town.
It was swiftly followed by further flows of several thousand tonnes of peat, bog and other materials which completely buried up to 100 meters of the national route.
Galway County Council says that the rate of flow has slowed considerably over the past few hours and crews are currently undertaking works to prevent further landslides.
The local authority says that such landslides are highly unusual at this time of year and are a result of extremely heavy rain preceded by long, dry spells.

Director of Services Liam Gavin says significant works are required before the affected section of the road is ready to re-open.
Liam Gavin is advising motorists using the N59 that diversions will remain in place over the weekend. If travelling towards Galway CIty, divert via Inagh Valley, or toward Clifden, via the local Bog Road.