McCambridge’s exhibition shows jugs in a new light

A selection of jugs from Wiclkow potter Marta Ozog.
A selection of jugs from Wiclkow potter Marta Ozog.

Take the average jug – it’s there to pour milk or cream and often not given a second glance.

Well, be prepared to look again, thanks to a joint enterprise between artist and curator Hilary Morley and McCambridge’s shop and restaurant in the heart of the city.

Jugs is the title of an exhibition which will run in McCambridge’s from this Saturday, July 15 until Sunday, July 30. And as the title suggests, it will put the focus on jugs – ones handmade by master craftsmen and women.

There will be 60 on display in the shop window and upstairs restaurant, created from clay and glass, and in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes.

The jugs are the work of 30 glassmakers, ceramic artists, sculptors and potters from all over Ireland. Judy Greene from Galway City, Michael Kennedy of Gort and Juliet Ball of Roscahill, are flying the local flag.

It’s the second year that McCambridge’s has hosted this kind of show. Last year’s exhibition, also curated by Hilary, focused on teapots.

Now it’s the turn of jugs. And Hilary is determined to prove that these utensils have their own personalities. Whether they be “tall, small, cheeky, graceful, flamboyant or muted”, the various types will all be on display in McCambridge’s, and all will be for sale.

“There are teeny-tiny jugs and large over-sized jugs –  tall ones and small ones; sleek and sophisticated, contemporary and traditional.  Some are sculptural, fantastical delights,” she says.

■ Jugs, the exhibition. is open to the public every day from 8am to 6pm and all the utensils are for sale. People should note that the restaurant will be restricted to customers during peak times.