IE/DC set to rock in AC/DC tribute show

IE/DC come to Monroe’s Live on Friday, January 27.
IE/DC come to Monroe’s Live on Friday, January 27.

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Get ready to rock the socks off the New Year when IE/DC come to Monroe’s Live on Friday, January 27. The Naas based AC/DC tribute band played their first show in April 2014, but they had put in a fair few hours before they took to the stage.

“We’d been together a year before that,” says lead-singer Eoghan McHale. “The five of us, if we weren’t in a band together we’d be mates anyway. We’d been playing in different bands over the years, original bands and covers. We decided to put this thing together because we thought we had the tools to do it.

“We rehearsed for a solid year, because, obviously, there’s a huge back catalogue there.  There are a lot of hits, a lot of stuff that people expect to hear, stuff you can’t get away with not playing. For example, if you don’t play Thunderstruck you’re going to get laughed out the door!”

The IE/DC vocalist has set himself some task in trying to match the vocals of the iconic AC/DC front -man Bon Scott and his successor Brian Johnson. Eoghan succeeds in hitting the high notes, but it must be tricky?

“It took a bit of work initially,” he says. “There was always singing talent there, maybe I didn’t realise how far I could push it. In the early days of the band, it took a bit of work to get up to that pitch.

“Bon was the technically superior vocalist between the two, but at the same time Brian has this incredible range, these incredible high notes. Especially on albums like Back in Black. Taking off each singer presents its own set of challenges, so it’s been fun to wrap the vocal chords around that.”

When AC/DC play live, their lead-guitarist and founding member Angus Young is a whirling dervish of a performer, running around and firing out solos. Jonny Lynch is tasked with matching these shapes in IE/DC

“Jonny has to bring the A-game every time,” Eoghan says. “It’s always a surprise when we decide to cover a new song, or try something new. It’s OK for the rest of us, we can go off and learn it in a week flat.  But it’s amazing when we go come back and Jonny has learned a solo from start to finish. He always nails it.

“In his stage persona, things have progressed in the last while. He’s really taken on the Angus role, he’s there out front with me the whole time. And he’s just a tremendous talent, he’s been a student of the guitar for many years, he’s influenced by other guitarists like Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix, to name just a couple.”

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