Blanket ban on smoking at Galway’s psychiatric units

University Hospital Galway

The HSE is set to introduce a total ban on smoking at Galway’s psychiatric units at the end of this month.
From the 31st of March, staff, patients, and visitors will be unable to smoke anywhere on the grounds of psychiatric units at UHG or at St. Brigid’s in Ballinasloe – including on roads, car parks, or at bus stops.
The move to ban smoking at Galway’s psychiatric units comes as the HSE looks to roll-out the Tobacco Control Framework 2010, which is based on international best practice.
The ban will be enforced campus wide at psychiatric units at UHG and St. Brigid’s in Ballinasloe – and it means that staff, patients, visitors, contractors and all other persons will even be banned from smoking in their cars.
A statement from the HSE says that the policy will help to change social norms around tobacco use, treat addiction as a health care issue, and actively enourage and support the cessation of smoking.
Area Manager John Meehan says the campaign is about improving the health of both service users and staff and ensuring quality care for all.
The HSE says staff and service users will be offered assistance to quit the habit, including advice, information and tobacco dependence treatment.
The blanket ban on smoking at Galway’s psychiatric units will come into effect in just over two weeks time, on the 31st of this month.