Houses plan approved despite objections from neighbouring estate

Galway City Council has given the green light for the construction of a new housing development on Bothar an Choiste.

Gene McConway of Wyckam Ltd sought permission for the construction of 13 houses on a site of just over one acre, which will be accessed via the Caireal Mór estate.

Several objections were lodged with the Council, including from the Caireal Mór management company, which argued there was no legal consent for the access road to be used; that there would be a traffic hazard from increased volumes and that it would constitute overdevelopment of the site.

The management company said: “The design, scale and layout of the proposed development is very substandard and completely out of character with the existing built environment in the vicinity, which will seriously impact on the residential amenities of occupants within Caireal Mór, as well as depreciate the value of properties within the estate.”

The developer pointed out that the planning permission for Caireal Mór contains a condition that future access to the site must be permitted.

The development will comprise four 4-bed terraced houses, seven 3-bed terraced, a 2-bed detached and a 1-bed detached, as well as 26 parking spaces.

It is proposed to provide the 2-bed detached for use as social housing.

Planners have ordered that construction work can only take place from 8am to 6pm Mondays to Fridays and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays. If any rock breaking is required, a full schedule of works must be provided to the Council for agreement.

The Council has also sought a financial contribution of more than €136,000 towards the cost of provision of public services in the area, and a cash deposit of €32,500 to ensure the satisfactory completion of roads, footpaths and watermains.