‘Hospital in the home’ plan a first for Galway

Private health insurer VHI is planning to roll out a new ‘hospital in the home’ service in Galway – the first of its kind in the West.

The service, which is consultant-led, allows suitable patients leave hospital earlier and continue certain treatments in the own home under the care of VHI nurses and doctors.

CWC Developments Tornóg Ltd (owned by Galway property developer Michael Maye and London-based corporate financier John Mackay) has sought permission for a change of use two commercial units in the Tornóg development in Ballinfoile to a VHI HomeCare Centre.

The centre will create 16 jobs, including doctors, nurses and administrative staff.

“The planning application relates to the development of a VHI HomeCare Centre to provide the necessary back-up infrastructure to roll out various homecare packages in the Galway region, as have been provided in other parts of the country for a number of years.

“This will involve a considerable level of employment in the premises, in the order of 16 medical (doctors, nurses and clinical nurse managers) and non-medical (primarily roles in the HomeCare logistics team) roles.

“Tornóg was development in the past 10 years, comprising substantial residential accommodation along with a retail/commercial element.

“The proposal will put the premises to beneficial use, both in terms of utilising vacant property and also in terms of providing an important local service, while also generating considerable economic and employment activity,” the application reads.

The residential element of the development comprises 66 units, while planning permission is in place for a total of 137.

“It is anticipated that the remainder of the overall site that has not been developed to date would ultimately be developed for residential accommodation.

“The proposed development will not interfere with the completion of the development of the site, rather it will utilise existing under-used units in the commercial element of the scheme, adding a level of vibrancy and vitality to the area which may also act as a catalyst or provide momentum for the occupation of other vacant units therein,” the application reads.

The HomeCare is already available Dublin, Louth, Meath, Kildare, Wicklow and Wexford.

A decision on the application is expected in mid-August.