Galway In Days Gone By

A garage in the Woodquay area of Galway in September 1981.
A garage in the Woodquay area of Galway in September 1981.


Connemara’s wealth

We have proof of the fact that a considerable portion of the district of Murvey, Roundstone, is rich indeed in mineral wealth. Recent investigation has shown that the “molybdenite” discovered here some time ago is really genuine. Great value is set on this mineral. In the development of these mines at Murvey, enterprising companies, alive to their own interests, should spare neither time, labour nor capital in view of the great advantages that are likely to accrue to all therefrom.

We feel confident that the projected scheme will meet with the encouragement it deserves from those interested in these matters. The district in which this mineral wealth abounds is set amongst the most beautiful scenery in Ireland.

City fire

Shortly after midnight on Saturday a chimney in the house of Mr. John Keady, New Road, went on fire. The matter was reported to the Dominick-street police, who immediately hastened to the scene. On arrival, it was found that the thatch of the house adjoining, tenanted by Mrs Quinn, was on fire. The fire brigade was immediately summoned, and they, in company with the members of the constabulary, directed their efforts to stripping the thatch which had become ignited. A line of hose was also brought to play on the conflagration which was completely extinguished about 4.30am.


Intemperance and other evils

In their Lenten Pastorals the members of the Irish Hierarchy, while expressing gratitude to God for having, almost miraculously, preserved our country from becoming directly involved in the present world conflict, express a fear that the people may not be altogether preserved from the growing laxity of conscience, the development of a new paganism, which is concomitant with such a conflict.

His Lordship the Most Rev. Dr. Browne, Bishop of Galway and Kilmacduagh and Apostolic Administrator of Kilfenora, in the course of his Pastoral, defended the position of neutrality taken up by this country.

If our people are to work hard from dawn to dusk during this fateful spring, they should not dissipate their energies in amusements that are protracted to late hours and are accompanied with intemperance and other evils.

Unfortunately, there is now a constant drive to extend the hours and frequency of dances regardless of the welfare of the people, because dance halls have become a means of livelihood and profit to many people, and these think only of increasing their gains. The State which is now calling out for more production has allowed in recent years such an increase of commercialised dance halls, that they are now one of the greatest sources of demoralisation and idleness.

There is no need to us to stress the need to produce more foodstuffs by tillage this year. Appeals have been made to the self-interest and to the patriotism of landowners to increase their tillage. I wish to remind my Catholic people that food production is now not a matter of self-interest nor of patriotism to the nation, but one of a personal obligation of charity to living men and women.

His Lordship, the Most Rev. Dr. Browne, Bishop of Galway, has granted a dispensation from the fast and abstinence of Lent except on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. On those two days, fast and abstinence must be observed. On the other Fridays, Catholics are bound to abstain only.

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