What would Galway City Cllrs buy with extra €1k?

City councillors discuss how they would spend an additional grand each if they are deemed worthy of a payrise. Photo: Stan Shields.
City councillors discuss how they would spend an additional grand each if they are deemed worthy of a payrise. Photo: Stan Shields.

Bradley Bytes – A sort of political column by Dara Bradley

Councillors are getting a pay rise of a grand. Well, some of them are. Every councillor in the country, outside of the city districts, are getting a €1,000 increase. Galway City Councillors are excluded from this sweetener from Fine Gael’s Simon Coveney, the Housing Minister who hopes to be Taoiseach.

City councillors are livid. So too their supporters. Billy Lawless, the Chicago-based senator, spoke in the Seanad recently, making the case for the extra dosh to apply to city councillors.

Billy argued they should be paid a living wage, like the Aldermen in the local authority in the Windy City.

Making the case for more cash for city councillors, Billy cited their workload, and availability to constituents. “When I go home to Galway at the weekends, having been here in the Seanad, every time I see my friend and colleague, Councillor Pádraig Conneely, his phone never stops. It is going morning, noon and night. I am sure it is the same with councillors throughout the country. They must be supported because they are at the coalface dealing with our citizens,” he told the upper house.

We couldn’t agree more: give those city councillors a pay rise.

But let’s suppose Coveney relents, and he probably will because he wants to become leader of Fine Gael and buttering up councillors would help. How would Galway City Councillors spend the additional €1,000?

Mike Cubbard (Ind): probably wouldn’t accept it (a reverse of the L’Oréal rationale, perhaps he doesn’t think he’s worth it) but if he did, he could use it to pay for the local property tax, which he promised during an election campaign that he would oppose, before reneging on that commitment once safely in power at City Hall.

Donal Lyons (Ind): will purchase bottles of Brasso to shine his King of Knocknacarra crown, which apparently, he sleeps with.

Declan McDonnell (Ind): selfless, no doubt he’d donate it to Mervue United, who named a field after him.

Terry O’Flaherty (Ind): could put it towards buying seaweed rights at her beloved Ballyloughane; or maybe to build an extension on the 1916 commemorative stone in Mervue; you know, to help it stand out more compared with Shantalla’s.

Noel Larkin (Ind): the anonymous mayor, could do with a crash course in PR and how to get noticed.

Collette Connolly (Ind): as we revealed earlier this year, her computer is broken and isn’t receiving emails so she could do with a new one.

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