Folk powerhouse Lucia for free Monroe’s show

Lucia Comnes whose folk is influenced by Irish, blues and rock music.
Lucia Comnes whose folk is influenced by Irish, blues and rock music.

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With a sound that will appeal to fans of Americana artists like Alison Krauss and Natalie Merchant, singer-songwriter Lucia Comnes will play a free show in Monroe’s Live on Sunday, August 7.  Hailing from San Francisco, but currently based in Italy, Lucia, who also plays fiddle and guitar, recently played a gig on a beach there.

“We played an acoustic concert at dawn on a little beach called Pineto, that’s on the east coast in the Abruzzo region,” she explains. “The music starts at six in the morning, which means we were up and out at four. But it was beautiful, because we were playing as the sun was rising over the sea.”

In California, Lucia has opened shows for Paul Brady and Liam Ó Maonlaí. It’s part of a long-standing connection she has with Ireland, especially its musical tradition.

“I was in Ireland first in 2001, and since then I’ve gone back at least seven times,” she says. “A couple of trips were two months’ long, and then I attended a semester at the university in Cork. I rented a room in a house, and had a little life in Cork for a while, which I would have gladly stayed on longer for, but I had a thesis to finish.”

Lucia’s latest album is a 13-track collection called Love, Hope & Tyranny. As titles go, that’s quite a large span to cover. Why did she choose it?

“When I looked at all the songs I’d recorded and was deciding which songs to put on the final album, I noticed recurring themes,” she says. “There were a lot about love, and some songs addressed heavier subjects like environmental justice, which I see hand in hand with social justice. Then, in my writing and my life, there’s an underlying intention that I have to be able to find the hope.”

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