Final guidelines for a fresh start in 2017

Vital first task . . . leaving the warmth of the blankets.
Vital first task . . . leaving the warmth of the blankets.

Country Living with Francis Farragher

There’s no point in leaving a job half done and after a flurry of readers sending in their appreciation for the New Year tips in last week’s paper, the final batch of guidelines for 2017 has to be published. It’s debatable whether they make any more sense than last week’s ‘commandments’ but for better or worse, here goes for the completion of the job.

N is never being afraid to say no if, for a variety of reasons, you cannot do something. Sometimes, it might seem a tad on the blunt side to blurt out the negative reply, but in the long run it gets the message across. Exception: this doesn’t apply to invitations by your mates to join them in the local for a few pints of plain.

O is for all the offers that will come in your letter box and on your computer for all kinds of gadgets and gismos that promise to make your life a lot easier but will in fact end up driving you around the bend when, they either don’t work properly, or break down after a few days.

P is for all those people who think that they can change the world by emailing, blogging, tweeting and facebooking about the election of Donald Trump, the burning of too much coal in China, the impact of world superpowers and the inequalities of our planet. Take a break lads – whatever will, will be – and settle a bit, or alternatively stand in the next local elections.

Q is for that little quandary we all face every morning whether it be 5.30, 6.30, 7.30, 8.30 or later when we look from under the covers and seek to find the motivation to leave the warmth of the duvet and face into another day. Less booze, going to bed on time and the alarm left in a place where you cannot cut it off without leaving the scratcher are all good tips.

R is for all those readers of newspapers and especially those who peruse this organ in the heart of Galway that still keeps us a motley crew of us in employment as we strive to bring you news, views and trivia in varying proportions. Keep on buying the Connacht Tribune for another few years at least . . . the pension clock has a while to tick yet.

S is for ‘saving for the rainy day’ one of the few tasks in life that I could never quite master. The lucre has always seemed to swim alongside my river of life but has never settled to make any lake in front of my door. Maybe, still not too late to put a few bob aside in the Credit Union every month.

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