Alfa Romeo hoping new Giulia will deliver brand back to glory days

Alfa Romeo Giulia
Alfa Romeo Giulia

It has been barren times for Alfa Romeo in Ireland since the glory days of the 156 and 159 back in the mid-nineties. Having dropped from division one to being a division four player, they are hoping for good results from the Giulia, their latest business saloon. The fleet market is the place where they are likely to get the best returns with this new car.

Everything exciting that we remember from the past with Alfa Romeo cars is still there in this car. Scrumptious styling, a classic interior, and the driving rewards that you always get from an Alfa are there in abundance. Indeed, if you could bottle it and instil it in every car, then motoring would be a far happier place for enthusiastic motorists.

There is no denying that the Italian heritage is present here, and they have created a car that is true to the brand. Its low-slung, coupe styling is a beautiful piece of motoring art. All the usual traits like the heart-shaped grille, the off-set number plate and the sleek headlights give it the look of a champion athlete. The flow of the panelling is smooth and sculptured with a keen sense of slickness and the kerbside appeal is all the more attractive for it.

Inside, the cabin hugs the driver and the passengers just like the old 156, with the addition of all the modern features that you would expect from a car of the 21st century. Great seats, a proper sporty layout, and up-to-date information displays are both clever and pleasing to the eye.

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